Are Flags and Banners allowed into the Stadium?

Guests may bring a flag into the ground WITHOUT permission from Wembley Stadium should the following guidelines be followed:

The flag is smaller than 250cm in size at the widest or longest point.

  1. The flag does not have an attached flag pole
  2. In the case of an attached flag pole, it is made from wood and plastic only and is no longer than 1 metre in length and 1cm in diameter.
  3. There is no advertising or commercial message on the flag
  4. The flag does not contain any abusive or defamatory message

**Please note that flag poles made of metal are not permitted inside the stadium, no matter what size or length the flag / pole is.

Should a guest  arrives at Wembley Stadium connected by EE and their flag does not fall under the above guidelines, and they have not gained permission from Wembley Stadium, the flag will be confiscated at the turnstiles and not allowed into the Stadium.

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