Food & Drink Availability, Locations & Dietary Requirements

Food & Drink Kiosks

ALL food and drink kiosks accept card payment. Card payment is the encouraged payment method within the stadium. Not all kiosks accept cash.

Within our general admission levels 1 & 5 guests have access to a range of food and beverage offers that cater for football fans through to concert audiences.

The list of kiosks and the refreshments available are listed below.
DRAUGHT BARS – Bar Kiosks, with a range of hot and cold drinks, beers, handcrafted pies and confectionery
BOTTLE BARS – Express Bars serving bottled beers, soft drinks and confectionery
HOT DOGS – Authentic Bavarian hog skin hot dog served with cooked onions, mustard seeds and fresh chives
FISH & CHIPS – Fish and chips, red lentil falafel and kids meals, all freshly prepared back of house
WICKS MANOR SAUSAGES – Enjoy 'Britain's Best Sausage 2013'; from the family-run Wicks Manor farm
CHICKEN & CHIPS – Southern coated chicken & chips served with dips
BURGERS & CHIPS – British beef burgers, served with crinkled cut chips and garnishes
PIZZAS – Fresh dough stuffed crust pizzas served with a range of toppings

Dietary Requirements

Gluten free meals are available, please visit the Information Booth inside the venue and a member of staff will direct you to the nearest outlet.  Should you have a food intolerance, guests are welcome to bring in small amounts of food into the stadium.  Should you require assistance on the day to purchase food please go to the nearest Information Point, where the Customer Engagement Team will contact our catering team for you to enquire if they can support with your request on the day.  Please note, this will be subject to ingredients being available on the day.

Information Point Facilities

  • Loan of Assisted Listening Devices and Wheelchairs
  • Young Visitor Wristbands
  • First Visit Certificates and Stickers
  • Lost and Found Claims
  • General Information on Transport and local Facilities
  • Questions and Feedback

Level 1 Seats (Your Block number starts with 1.)

  • Information Booth at Block 108
  • Information Booth at Block 137
  • Information Booth at Gate G
  • Information Booth at Gate H

Level 2 Seats (Your Block number or suite starts with 2, 3 or 4)

  • Member Services Booth at 242
  • Member Services Booth at 212

Level 5 Seats (Your Block number starts with 5.)

  • Information Booth at 514
  • Information Booth at 539

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