Wembley Stadium connected by EE is a fully inclusive stadium and we pride ourselves on offering fantastic accessible facilities and services to our high needs guests.  It is important to us that all of our guests have a truly memorable and positive experience. 

Complimentary Shuttle from Wembley Park Station to Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium connected by EE operates a complimentary accessible shuttle service from Wembley Park Station to Wembley Stadium.  The operating hours for the accessible shuttle will vary from event to event, however a general rule of thumb is that the accessible shuttle will operate from 30 minutes pre gates opening to 1 hour post final whistle or the event finishing [please keep an eye on the Wembley Stadium Website for up to date gate opening times for your event]. The accessible shuttle runs on a rotational basis approximately every 30 minutes from A to B, this is subject to traffic on the day. 

The meeting point for the accessible shuttle from Wembley Park Station is by the entry of the lift at the station, adjacent to Olympic Way. The Guest Services team will be on hand to support you from this point.  The Guest Services team are easily identified in yellow jackets with 'here to help' on the back.

Wembley Stadium Accessibility Support on Venue

From Wembley Stadium connected by EE, the Guest Services team operate a 'pushing and chaperone' service for high needs guests who require additional support on the day in terms of travel to and from their seat.  This service is not pre-bookable and can be accessed across all events at the stadium.  This service is available from the Yellow Car Park, near to the large bright yellow 'here to help' banner.