Level 4 Stadium Map (Club Wembley) - All boxes starting with 4

The map below highlights the entry points and all of the services available at Wembley Stadium connected by EE.  Please use the key on the bottom right hand side of the map to identify the services available.

Information Point Facilities

  • Loan of Assisted Listening Devices and Wheelchairs
  • Young Visitor Wristbands
  • First Visit Certificates and Stickers
  • Lost and Found Claims
  • General Information on Transport and local Facilities
  • Questions and Feedback

Level 1 Seats (Your Block number starts with 1.)

  • Information Booth at Block 108
  • Information Booth at Block 137
  • Information Booth at Gate G
  • Information Booth at Gate F

Level 2 Seats (Your Block number or suite starts with 2, 3 or 4)

  • Member Services Booth at 242
  • Member Services Booth at 212

Level 5 Seats (Your Block number starts with 5.)

  • Information Booth at 514
  • Information Booth at 539

Food & Drink Kiosks

ALL food and drink kiosks accept card payment. Card payment is the encouraged payment method within the stadium.

Not all kiosks accept cash.

Dietary Requirements

Gluten free food is available from some kiosks, please speak to the kiosk manager to check the ingredients list 

Merchandise and Programmes

Programmes: Olympic Way. External & Internal Concourses

Merchandise: Stadium Store, North Mezzanine Level. Internal Concourse Kiosks.


First Aid

Spectator First Aid facilities are available on the main concourses on all levels as follows:

LEVEL 1 – 103, 111, 122, 123, 134, 142

LEVEL 2 – 212, 241

LEVEL 5 – 505, 521, 532, 548


Spectator Water Refill:

Complimentary water stations or water fountains are located throughout the stadium.

LEVEL 1 – 111, 121, 134, 142

LEVEL 2 – 212, 241

Baby change facilities

LEVEL 1 – 111, 122, 123, 134

LEVEL 2 – 212, 241

LEVEL 5 – 521, 532, 505, 548


Bicycle Parking

Spectator Bicycle Parking facilities are located directly in front of the B2 Security Entrance and the Media Entrance (Learning Zone).

Dog Spending

There is a dog spending area between gates B & C.

Prayer Room

There are no designated Prayer Rooms available on venue, however please liaise with your Area Supervisor should a guest request such a room.

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