Starting from the England v USA match on 15 November 2018, Wembley Stadium connected by EE will be introducing a new Restricted Bag Policy to enhance public safety and help improve the overall experience for visitors.

Liam Boylan, General Manager of Wembley Stadium, explains the process behind the decision and answers some key question for people attending future events at the stadium.

Q: Liam, can you please explain the decision behind introducing a Restricted Bag Policy at Wembley Stadium?

"We’re introducing a ‘Restricted Bag Policy’ at the stadium for a number of reasons, but primarily it’s to further enhance public safety and to make accessibility on event days much more efficient. For that reason, we are asking people not to bring bags with them to the stadium."

Q: What is the main difference that fans will see coming to an event at Wembley Stadium?

"Our overall goal is to improve the fan experience by helping people get to their seat faster. Naturally, we have very strict security protocols in place at Wembley Stadium to ensure the highest level of safety for everyone. All visitors are given an airport-style pat-down upon arrival at the turnstile and the contents of all bags are checked. These thorough security checks can often take time and the introduction of this new Restricted Bag Policy will now make that process much quicker."

Q: When will you be introducing this new policy?

"We will be introducing the Restricted Bag Policy starting from the England v USA match on Thursday 15 November 2018."

Q: How will it benefit visitors coming to Wembley Stadium?

"Primarily, it will enable us to move ticket holders through our security check points and turnstiles much faster. We always encourage visitors to get to the stadium early, but this new policy will hopefully mean that there will be less time spent standing in lines at the stadium gates and more time for people to get to their seats well before kick-off. We also hope that it will give fans an even greater sense of safety around the stadium. The NFL has a similar bag policy for all of their matches – both in the USA and in the UK – and it has worked very well in a number of other major stadiums around the world."

Q: Does this mean that you are concerned about the current level of security?

"No. As good practice we regularly review our public safety and stadium security policies and we are always looking for new ways to improve them for the fans. Security of visitors coming to the stadium is paramount and we believe that introducing a Restricted Bag Policy will further enhance public safety and their event-day experience."

Q: So what size bag can I take into the stadium?

"We strongly encourage fans not to bring any bags with them to Wembley Stadium. However, the new policy does permit you to bring one small bag that does not exceed A4 size, which is 210mm x 210mm x 297mm [8.27 inches x 8.27 inches x 11.7 inches]. Small bags with or without a handle or strap, which are within the size guidelines, are permitted. However, bags larger than A4 such as handbags and rucksacks will not be permitted."

Q: What about larger bags of merchandise from the Stadium Store?

"The policy does not include merchandise bags from the Stadium Store. These merchandise bags will be permitted into the stadium as they are clear plastic and sealable bags."

Q: Are there any concessions for ‘essential bags’, such as medical equipment?

"If for any reason, medical or otherwise, you require a bag that does not adhere to the Wembley Stadium Restricted Bag Policy please contact us prior to match day for assistance at: help.wembleystadium.com/support/home."

Q: What should I do if I have to bring a large bag with me to the stadium? Can it be stored anywhere?

"We strongly advise that you do not bring bags to the Stadium. Any bag larger than the permitted size will not be allowed inside the stadium. As a last resort, if you have no other option but to bring an oversized bag with you to Wembley Stadium there will be a limited bag drop facility available on event days. However, space will be very limited and once full there is no other contingency at the stadium. For that reason, we highly recommend that you do not bring a bag with you to the stadium."

Q: Will it cost me money to leave an item at the Wembley Stadium bag drop off facility?

"Yes, there will be a £10 charge per item for using the bag drop facility. For the first two England matches at Wembley Stadium, against USA [15 November] and Croatia [18 November], there will be an introductory cost of £5 per item. After those two matches the price will revert to a regular £10 charge for future events. However, it’s very important to understand that space at the bag drop will be very limited and only available on a first-come-first-served basis. Once full there will be no other bag drop contingency at the stadium."

Q: Is the Wembley Stadium bag drop off facility a money-making exercise?

"Absolutely not. This policy is not about making money – it is about improving the overall fan experience at the stadium. Any money made will go towards covering the costs of the bag drop facilities and then all profits will go directly to charity. To be clear, Wembley Stadium will not be making a profit."

Q: How are you communicating the Restricted Bag Policy to visitors?

"We will contact every fan who has purchased tickets to England’s matches against USA [15 November] and Croatia [18 November] to notify them about the new policy and each ticket is clearly marked in the front to confirm our new policy. In addition, the Restricted Bag Policy will be communicated to fans throughout the build-up to the USA and Croatia matches across our FA and Wembley Stadium media channels."