Please note that electronic tickets was the default delivery option for this event, if you did not change this at the point of purchase you will have electronic tickets.

Once we have added these to your account we can access these.

To do this you need to:

Click here to go to the website and then log in using your FAN or e-mail and password.

Then click on 'My Orders'.

Selecting ‘My Orders’ will show all orders for any upcoming events

Orders highlighted pink are Electronic Delivery orders where tickets can be managed.  Other orders can be viewed but no tickets can be managed

You can then click on the relevant order to expand the order.

Selecting the ‘Print All’ button will download all tickets in an order to your desktop for them to print PDF tickets

Selecting one ticket will open up a dialogue box with options

Selecting ‘Print Selected’ will download the selected tickets in to your desktop for them to print PDF tickets. 

Selecting a ticket on an iPhone6 or higher will give an extra option to add a ticket to your Apple Wallet

Selecting ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ will download a pass to your iPhone / Apple Watch.  This pass is contactless so no bar-code needs to be read at the turnstile.

Selecting ‘Forward Ticket’ will open another dialogue box for the you to email the ticket to another member of your party.

The recipient of a forwarded ticket receives an email with a PDF attachment for them to print a PDF ticket.

If the recipient has an iPhone, they can add a pass to their wallet using the link

Please note if you re-send any of tickets it will cancel the tickets you have already sent. You will receive a message informing you tickets have been cancelled, this refers to the old tickets you forwarded not your whole order.