What are caps used for?

Members can build up their caps level with the aim of applying for tournament fixtures or away matches. In the event that a tournament fixture or away match is oversubscribed, a ballot will be undertaken using the caps system to fairly allocate tickets to members. 

In the event an away match is oversubscribed, a ballot will be conducted in the following way to to fairly allocate tickets:

  • 70% of the ticket allocation for each away game will be offered to the Members with the highest number of caps who registered their interest. The number of caps you will require to qualify for the top 70% of ticket allocation will depend on: (i) the number of Members at the relevant time who have applied for a specified match; and (ii) the size of The FA’s allocation for that game. 
  •  If there are more Members in the top 70% than there are tickets, The FA will allocate them as fairly as possible, with a draw for the Members on the same amount of caps that are on the fringe of the 70% allocation. Members that are unsuccessful in this draw will go into a ballot for the remaining 30% of tickets with all other Members. Should a mini-ballot be required within a certain caps level, then the Members who are unsuccessful in this mini-ballot will be given priority for any returned tickets.
  •  Members that qualify for the first 70% ticket allocation or those who are allocated a ticket within the 30% ballot will be given a set period to phone or go online and buy their ticket. Only these Members will be able to buy tickets in this way. 

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