App FAQs

1.    Can I use my tablet? 

No. The mobile phone ticket application is only available for smartphones. You will not be able to use your tablet.

2.    My Bluetooth is not working. What can I do?

If your Bluetooth stops working, please contact staff at the entrance to the stadium.

3.    Will I need an internet connection to enter the stadium?

An internet connection will only be required to download the tickets. You will not need an internet connection to enter the stadium once you have downloaded the tickets.

Your phone will, however, need to be charged and have Bluetooth on.

4.    When will I receive my mobile ticket? – Mobile phone tickets

Your mobile phone tickets will be delivered directly to your phone no later than seven days before the match. You will receive an email explaining how to install the app (iOS or Android) and download the tickets.

On the day of the match, you will need to:

• have your phone charged

• have your Bluetooth on

• make sure that the date and time are set to UK time

• show your phone with the app open in order to enter the stadium

5.    How do I use my mobile ticket?

This one-minute video will show you how to use mobile tickets:

6.    Which application do I use for mobile tickets?

Once you have received the email containing instructions and an activation code, you will need to install the ‘Wembley Mobile Tickets’ app, which is available here:

•    iOS (App store)

•    Android (Play store)

7.    Do I have to send tickets to the people I'm going to the match with?

No.  Each Travel Club Member in your booking will receive a communication to download their own match ticket.

8.    What shall I do if I have tickets that are in different areas within the stadium?

If you have tickets on your phone which are in different areas within the stadium, you and your guest(s) will need to enter the stadium through different entrances.

If you keep all the tickets on your phone, you will not be able to use all your tickets.

How to solve the issue?

TRANSFER the tickets that going to be used by your guest(s) by clicking on TRANSFER in the app. Your guest(s) will receive an e-mail inviting them to download the app and receive their ticket. This will allow your guest(s) to enter the stadium using their ticket on their own phone.

Check out our one-minute video below to find out more about mobile tickets!

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