How Can I Add My Ticket to My Apple Wallet?

If your tickets are showing as ‘Available’ and you want to add your ticket to Apple Wallet, you can select the ticket then tap the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button and tap “Next”.

You will need to view the page using your iPhone to use this option.  Please note this is available for iPhone 6 and later plus Apple Watch.

 Why Can I Only Add One Ticket to My Apple Wallet?

Once you have entered Wembley Stadium through our turnstiles, you will not be able to pass your iPhone or Apple Watch back to another member of your party for them to use another ticket on that device.  If your order contains more than one ticket, please forward your party their tickets via email to add to their iPhone or Apple Watch or print the remaining tickets for them to use.

My Friend has an iPhone, How Can They Get Their Ticket in Their Apple Wallet?

If your tickets are showing as ‘Available’ and you want to forward a ticket to their Apple Wallet, you can select the ticket you want to forward then select the ‘Forward Tickets’ option.  You will be asked to enter the email address that the ticket should be sent to.  The recipients of the ticket will receive an email with a link to add the ticket to Apple Wallet.  They will also receive a PDF if they would prefer to print their ticket and bring that ticket with them to the event.  Please keep in mind that if they add more than one ticket to Apple Wallet they will only be able to use one of them to access the stadium.  See FAQ - Why Can I Only Add One Ticket to Apple Wallet?

How Do I Present My Ticket At The Turnstile?

Your England v Italy ticket on your iPhone and Apple Watch - the fastest way to get into the stadium.

Simply tap the notification to select your ticket as you approach the venue. Then Face ID or Touch ID and hold your iPhone or Apple Watch to the ticket scanner. There’s no need to unlock your device, open an app, or scan a code.

If you are on an older device, tap on the notification and scan the barcode on the ticket scanner.

If you have multiple tickets, either forward the extra tickets to your friends or download and print the extra tickets before the match.

To use your ticket with Apple Watch, swipe down to view your ticket notification when approaching the gates. Tap the ticket notification then double-click the side button and simply hold Apple Watch near the ticket scanner to enter.

 How do I find my ticket if the notification doesn’t appear on my iPhone or Apple Watch home screen?

Go into Apple Wallet where you will be able to find your Wembley ticket and select it.

Watch how to use contactless tickets on your iPhone or Apple Watch:

iPhone with Touch ID film 

iPhone X 

Apple Watch film 

 Can I add tickets to an Android Phone?

Contactless tickets in Apple Wallet is available only on iPhone and Apple Watch.