How does The FA decide whether to charge a player when they have successfully deceived a match official?

The FA can take retrospective action in situations where a match official has been deceived by a player and as a direct result:

  • A penalty has been awarded; and/or
  • An opposing player has been sent off [where the simulation led to a straight red card or caused one of the two cautions that led to the dismissal]

A charge will only be issued where there is clear and overwhelming evidence that the player intentionally deceived the match officials and not for debatable penalty decisions.

If The FA believes there may be a case of successful deception of a match official, it will convene a three-person panel consisting of one ex-match official, one ex-player and one ex-manager and ask them to review the video footage independently of one another. Only in circumstances where the panel members are unanimous will the player be charged.

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